I already have a marketing person/ department, is OP Marketing for me?

Yes! OP Marketing works with your marketing team to enhance your current marketing programs. OP marketing offers the opportunity to “borrow” a fluently published and funded OP researcher to design custom programs for your practice. This collaboration with your marketing department will assist in branding your company as an advocate for Research and Education. Chances are your marketing team does not have a certified, licensed, or credentialed Orthotist or Prosthetist. If they are certified, they are probably not OP researchers and educators. OP Marketing’s CEO and project coordinators are. The content and materials OP Marketing uses are frequently peer reviewed, published, and/or part of a University’s curriculum for OP and rehabilitation sciences education.

Why is OP Marketing so expensive?

Rather than focusing on the expense we would like you to see the opportunity and potential. You will have more effective resources available to your practice than a large conglomerate, or your competitor. A brand new website with live feeds and maximum optimization, fresh content and professionally written peer reviewed materials, tools that direct patients and referrals to use your company as their primary OP resource, CEC programs for your referrals, revenue generating strategies, and more. OP Marketing is more than fairly priced for the services it provides to help you compete with your competitors.

Will OP Marketing produce more revenues for me?

There are some strategies within OP Marketing that should lead directly to new referrals, patients and ultimately billable events. Most of the strategies take a more indirect approach to marketing that will “brand” your practice as the leader in Orthotics, Prosthetics, Research and Education in your market area. Think of marketing for new patients and referrals like fishing. Instead of you having to own and guide your own boat, think of OP Marketing as your boat and your guide. However, while we will navigate you to the “fish”, you still need to haul them into the boat with sound OP practices and clinical skills. It is obviously our goal to develop happy clients. We know to do this, we must ultimately assist you in translating marketing into revenue dollars.

How is OP Marketing’s website different than the one I have?

If your website is more than 2 years old than it will not properly interface with Androids, I-phones, and other new PC and MAC languages. Your message is not getting through to your target. OP Marketing’s system allows you to control your content and save time, analyze your traffic, automatically updates your live content, links to other OP resources, can be optimally viewed on all mobile devices, is hosted on a premium dedicated server, and offers loads of administrative tools. Your website will become your online “University” and host content and resources much more broad and dynamic than any other current website in the OP industry.

How will OP Marketing benefit me?

You want to have the best “brand” in your market. All of your competitors hold the brand of Orthotics and Prosthetics, but what else? What makes your company special? What differentiates your company from your competitor? Nothing makes you special or different, unless you offer something different. A simple strategy of stating “differentiation” does not make you different. There must be substance to your mantra of differentiation. Your new brand will be “Orthotics, Prosthetics, Research, and Education”. OP Marketing provides you with the research and education aspect of that differentiation. We then assist in associating research and education with your current OP practices and your company.

Who cares about Research and Education?

All of your referrals and all of your patients. When you offer educational opportunities like the latest research and continuing education to your referring physicians, case managers and therapists, you are no longer perceived as a sales person. You are an allied health professional that provides a valuable service to the allied health community. Physicians’ and Therapists’ practices are based on outcomes and research-based evidence. All amputees and people struggling with musckuloskeletal deformities have one thing in common: they want their normal anatomy intact again. Research and education of the newest and latest techniques and components offers that hope. They do care about Research and Education. OP Marketing will provide that to your brand.

Who will be the target audience for my website?

Your website will be an online resource or “University” for your patients and potential patients first and foremost. Additionally, all of your potential referrals will have their own resources. They will all see a benefit and have access to their own custom resource tab that will lead them to a vast array of knowledge.

Who manages and owns MY website?

You do. All “still” content (i.e. pictures, personal videos, bios, mission statements) will be owned and controlled by your company. All “live” feeds (i.e. updated research, live links, blogs, RSS feeds) will be controlled by OP Marketing.

Can I update and add my own material to the website?

Yes, we have built the system with your control in mind. In addition to our live dynamic content you can change employee profiles, add news events, make announcements, write a monthly newsletter, and more. You have control over your new website.

What is the time line once I decide to partner with OP Marketing?

There will be several tasks to complete prior to our team visiting your location. Completion of these tasks will ensure that the marketing plan you have chosen will run smoothly when we arrive. It will take approximately 30-60 days to schedule and coordinate these on-site events. The size of the marketing plan you choose will determine how long our team will be at your location. Typically 3-5 days. Approximately 30 days after our visit, your website will be live! In short, from commitment to live website will be 60-90 days.

Can my competitor hire OP Marketing?

Any company that partners with OP Marketing’s services will be provided with a one year exclusive no compete zone of 50 miles from your location(s). A no-compete contract can be extended outside of the one-year automatic time frame.

What if I am not satisfied?

If a customer is not happy with our services, OP Marketing will honor one year of website hosting, live feeds, support and the exclusive no-compete area from the time that your company became a partner.

Is there a monthly fee?

Yes, a nominal fee for the web hosting services. This is usually less than $100.00/ month. You will have to pay this type of fee with ANY website.

Will OP Marketing have access to my proprietary data, like patient files and referral lists?

No, we have no clinical interest in your market area. OP Marketing is not a clinical practice. OP Marketing will use their proprietary data mining resources to provide you with your main referrals list. However, it will be your decision to share additional information with OP Marketing if it is pertinent to the custom marketing strategies.